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  • The network AFGANA was established in March 2007 to respond to the invitation contained in the appeal, "A path to peace and justice in Afghanistan: Reflections and proposals of civil society", which aims to identify and suggest solutions to a country, Italy, where "... a lot has been talked about Afghanistan, but little of the Afghan people, its needs, and understanding is perceived as the Western presence ...".

  • The Italian Agency for Emergency Response (AGIRE) brings together some of the most important and influential non-governmental organizations in Italy. Together they decided to join forces to respond quickly to major humanitarian emergencies.

  • LINK 2007 is an association that brings together 10 of the most important Italian non-governmental organizations. This is the opportunity to share and share experiences in order to give strength to our efforts, preserving and celebrating the profound meaning of the different identities..

  • FAREstudio is an international architectural firm that operates preferably
    in social architecture, where action on built environment that could
    enhance the condition of underserved communities is unfortunately
    FARE wishes to innerve social sensitivity with the experience and approach
    of a professionally organized team.

    FAREstudio è uno studio di architettura internazionale che opera
    prevalentemente nell’ambito dell’architettura sociale, dove l’azione sullo
    spazio costruito puo’ migliorare le condizioni di vita delle comunità più
    FARE vuole conciliare la sensibilità sociale con l’esperienza e
    l’approccio di un team professionale.

  • Voluntary Organisations in Cooperation in Emergencies (VOICE) is a network representing more than 80 European NGOs active in humanitarian aid worldwide. Seeking to involve its members in advocacy, lobbying and information exchange, VOICE is the main NGO interlocutor with the EU on emergency aid, relief and disaster risk reduction and promotes the values of humanitarian NGOs