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  • Apr 18 2014

    A violent attack has been reported yesterday morning in Bor, in the state of Jonglei, against the civilian population inside the camp set up for displaced people.

      A group of young gunmen yesterday morning raided the camp, opening fire on civilians. Victims  are 48, mostly women and children, over 50 people are injured.


  • Apr 7 2014

    There are no security concerns from Mogadishu to Warsheykh albeit fears of conflict breakout. The residents of the area, catapulted in fear from war scenarios and bearing in mind the fracas, have fled the district of Raga Celle and found themselves disseminated in all the 33 villages of Warsheykh. Originally, Warsheykh district, as we were informed by the local resident elders, had a population of 50.000 individuals - about...

  • Feb 24 2014

    In response to the urgent needs of Syrians seeking refuge in host communities, INTERSOS Jordan is delivering a Shelter and Protection project across multiple villages in the Northern governorate of  Irbid.

    The Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan is at a critical level. The number of refugees  registered with UNHCR in Jordan in December 2013 stood at to 568.501 of which 56% are children. The number is still rising: the last...

  • Feb 20 2014

    Yesterday an INTERSOS staff member, working on Syrian children protection project in Lebanon, was injured in a multiple suicide attack occurred in the capital Beirut near Iranian cultural centre killing 7 and wounding more than 100 people.

      Our colleague was immediately assisted and brought to a Beirut hospital for medical assistance, where she has been treated for light wounds and bruises on superi...

  • Feb 19 2014

    We are in Central African Republic because a serious humanitarian crisis affects  more than 2.5 million people.

     Our emergency staff is in Bangui now, providing health care to the displaced population. With two mobile clinics, we can reach different camps, providing assistance and medical care for 85.000 displaced people. Only in the capital, Bangui, there are over 288,000 internally displaced...

  • Jan 25 2014

    Juba, South Sudan, 25th January 2014

     Fifty-five major humanitarian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in South Sudan have expressed their deep concern about the current humanitarian situation in the country and reaffirmed their commitment to help all civilian populations in need of assistance.

  • Jan 20 2014

    35 member aid group calls for a peaceful solution to the Syria conflict


  • Jan 20 2014

    Since clashes erupted in December 2013, the humanitarian situation in South Sudan has worsened dramatically, according to INTERSOS, one of the humanitarian organization still working in the country.
     The number of people displaced by violence is constantly increasing: last week there were 200.000 displaced people, now they are 355.000. Thousands of people are abandoning their houses to escape fighting and sh...

  • Jan 8 2014

    Jan. 06 – Tacloban, Philippines.

     January 6 was a day for children to celebrate their chance to get back to learning after the devastating super typhoon Yolanda (Hayian).The Back-to-Learning campaign task force composed by UNICEF, Save the Children and INTERSOS, in coordination with the Department of Education, set out to address concerns by parents and children.

     “Student can get ba...

  • The displaced will receive jerry cans, blankets, soap, clothing
    Dec 23 2013

    A week after the outbreak of armed clashes in South Sudan INTERSOS continues to distribute basic necessities as blankets, jerry cans, mosquito nets, mattresses and soap in collaboration with the International Organisation for Migration to bring relief to communities in need of humanitarian aid.

    INTERSOS, which is still on the field with a reduced international team for safety reasons, b...