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  • Oct 20 2014

    Mesoghios is the name of the INTERSOS project in Crotone, Calabria, and in Greek means "Mediterranean": the sea that links Italy to the African continent and the Middle East, the areas of humanitarian emergency where INTERSOS has been working for more than twenty years to provide aid and assistance to the most vulnerable people.
     Mesoghios is a medical clinic that provides health and social care services to migrants, asylu...

    Oct 13 2014

     There are over 2,500 people who arrived in the last two weeks in the Gawila’s refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan to be safe from the fights that are destroying the city of Kobane. INTERSOS’s team is working in the camp to assist refugees distributing food aid.


  • Oct 7 2014

    INTERSOS, Italian humanitarian organisation involved in assisting populations victims of conflicts and natural disasters, has decided to strengthen its staff by creating a rapid deployment team of operational support. The Rapid Deployment Team (RDT), internal unit composed by expert and qualified personnel, will be able to reinforce the humanitarian response in some of the most difficult areas of the world.  


  • Sep 15 2014

    It is with extreme sadness that we cry the loss of David Haines, an humanitarian operator, a colleague of ours that dedicated his life in bringing hope for a better world.
    Intersos’ thoughts and condolences are with David’s family and his friends, to the ones who worked with him and ACTED.
    We would like to say that we are all part of David’s family in this shocking moment.

  • Aug 11 2014

    The situation in Iraq at this time is even more critical, thousands of people are at the mercy of the vortex of violence and bloodsheds  that are targeting the ethnic and religious minorities, after north and central Iraq have been military occupied by the jihadist group ISIS. INTERSOS operators in Erbil are working to ensure the necessary assistance to the tens of thousands of displaced people arriving.


  • IRAQ
    Aug 7 2014

    The tension is high in Iraq in the last hours, after the militias of the Islamic State (ISIS) have conquered many cities in the north-west of the country after heavy clashes with Kurdish Peshmerga troops. The attacks against the civilian population are causing hundreds of casualties, sectarian violence is coming down on ethnic minorities in the country: 500 Yazidis people were massacred in the assault on the town of Sinjar....

  • Jul 28 2014

    In Sudan more than 1.9 million children doesn’t go to school, the 44% of them is living in Darfur.
    The major cause of the low educational level is due to the chronic instability affecting the region: 10 years of conflict, drought and floods produced 4.3 million of internally displaced people (IDPs), half of which is represented by children and adolescents.

  • Jul 18 2014

    Central African Republic: an escalation of violence, since December 2013, is forcing thousands of civilians to abandon everything and flee to safety.
     Over 388,000 people left Central African Republic, seeking refuge in neighboring countries, such as Chad and Cameroon.
     There are 535,000 internally displaced people, 110,000 only in Bangui, the capital.Thousands of Muslim families fled to the north of the country to save t...

  • Jul 14 2014

    On 7 May 2014, 26 agencies asked the world to remember Somalia, where 2.9 million people are living in crisis.
     Agencies are now asking for action across eight sectors to save lives and avoid a relapse to the catastrophe of 2011.
     We need to work now - over the next 3-6 weeks - to address the most critical needs. But more than this, we need consistent support in the next 3-6 months and beyond.


  • Jul 10 2014

    For children living in conflict affected countries, education is not only a fundamental right, but it represents the only opportunity to have a better future and to find againnormalcy,  after the trauma of violence and escape.
      This is the case of South Sudan, where, in December 2013, a bloody internal conflict erupted, affecting thousand of people.