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  • May 12 2015

    The syrian crisis is already in its fifth year. Labelled as the worst crisis of the century, it has been characterised by an unprecedented scale of destruction and extreme levels of suffering. The conflict keep going and the humanitarian situation has deteriorated considerably with barrel bomb attacks destroying a number of hospitals and medical points.  This situation ca...

  • May 8 2015

    It's landed today the first cargo plane of urgent relief items donated by DGCS - Italian MoFA to AGIRE, the italian committee for emergency response. Intersos is responsible of this logistic operation and of the immediate distribution in the field.It's now urgent to reach areas far from the capital city of Nepal, since it's exteemed to be there the most urgent humanitarian need.
    The cargo plan contains water purification syst...

  • Apr 28 2015

    On April 25 an earthquake of 7,9 magnitude struck Nepal: the epicentre was on the way between the capital Kathmandu and the city of Pokhara.

    Officially the victims, at the moment, are over 5.000, but the number unfortunately will probably grow up. Thousand of people are displaced now, they have no shelters, food, water and essential goods. In the capital and in many villages it still miss electricity, the lines of communication are inte...

  • Apr 27 2015

    Now exist
    This is the first hotel booking website whereby you can help and support no profit organization just booking your next vacation spot.

     That initiative land on the online booking market with the innovative idea of the "responsible bookings." Indeed, giving up the 50% of the payed commission, ...

  • Apr 2 2015

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      INTERSOS operates in many parts of the world connected with migrations: countries of origin, such as Afghanistan and sub-Saharan Africa region, and countries of transit, such as Sudan. In the Gulf of Aden, in Yemen, we assist Somali refugees, Ethiopians and Eritreans migrants.


  • Mar 27 2015

    More than 15 million people are at risk: INTERSOS is in the country to ensure water, food and emergency kits to the conflict-affected population. Donate Now!

      A rapid escalation of violence has invested Yemen in last days, many are victims and injured civilians, as consequence of the bombing over Sana'a and the violent armed clashes in Aden; the situation remains tense...

  • Mar 25 2015

    Justine was only 11 years old when she was kidnapped by gunmen near her village in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was a day like any other for the little girl and her sisters who had gone fishing in a stream near their house when they were attacked by armed militias of the LRA. The girls had no choice, if they had reacted, they would have been killed on the spot. Justine and her sister became  spoil...

  • Mar 18 2015

    We conducted special activities for International women’s day on the 8th of March 2015 with Syrian women and children hosted in our centres in Lebanon. 

  • Mar 6 2015

    Zahina is 14 years old. She’s Syrian, but she lives in Lebanon. She’s is one of the million Syrian refugees who fled to Lebanon to escape the conflict.

      She lives in southern Lebanon, in Nabatiye. She should go to school, she would like to, but she can not. Zahina has to  look after the house and take care of her daughter, she was born a year ago, after a difficult pregnancy that almost kille...

  • Feb 27 2015

    Basateen is an area of Aden, where many refugee families, arriving from Somalia, are concentrated: people fleeing instability and poverty, gripping Somalia, to seek security in Yemen.

      However, life for these refugee families is not easy even in Aden, where resources to survive are scarce. Families get together to share housing, adults try to find little ways for incomes, single women are often forced into prostitution to fee...