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  • Jul 28 2014

    In Sudan more than 1.9 million children doesn’t go to school, the 44% of them is living in Darfur.
    The major cause of the low educational level is due to the chronic instability affecting the region: 10 years of conflict, drought and floods produced 4.3 million of internally displaced people (IDPs), half of which is represented by children and adolescents.

  • Jul 18 2014

    Central African Republic: an escalation of violence, since December 2013, is forcing thousands of civilians to abandon everything and flee to safety.
     Over 388,000 people left Central African Republic, seeking refuge in neighboring countries, such as Chad and Cameroon.
     There are 535,000 internally displaced people, 110,000 only in Bangui, the capital.Thousands of Muslim families fled to the north of the country to save t...

  • Jul 14 2014

    On 7 May 2014, 26 agencies asked the world to remember Somalia, where 2.9 million people are living in crisis.
     Agencies are now asking for action across eight sectors to save lives and avoid a relapse to the catastrophe of 2011.
     We need to work now - over the next 3-6 weeks - to address the most critical needs. But more than this, we need consistent support in the next 3-6 months and beyond.


  • Jul 10 2014

    For children living in conflict affected countries, education is not only a fundamental right, but it represents the only opportunity to have a better future and to find againnormalcy,  after the trauma of violence and escape.
      This is the case of South Sudan, where, in December 2013, a bloody internal conflict erupted, affecting thousand of people.

  • Jun 30 2014

    Mauritania, Mberra camp.

    In this camp, more than 71,000 people sought refuge, when, in 2012, as consequence of the outbreak of clashes in northern Mali between government forces and separatist militias, that forced thousands of people to flee.Since then, the camp hosts thousands of Malian families living here, facing daily drought and hunger.

     In Mberra camp, INTERSOS staff...

    Jun 19 2014

    Yesterday the 17th June 2014,the new 150.000 sqm area of UNHRD Hub managed by the World Food Programme was opened in San Vito dei Normanni,  in order to upgrade the existing depot.

  • #timetoact
    Jun 12 2014

    Sexual violence destroys lives and damage communities. 

  • Apr 18 2014

    A violent attack has been reported yesterday morning in Bor, in the state of Jonglei, against the civilian population inside the camp set up for displaced people.

      A group of young gunmen yesterday morning raided the camp, opening fire on civilians. Victims  are 48, mostly women and children, over 50 people are injured.


  • Apr 7 2014

    There are no security concerns from Mogadishu to Warsheykh albeit fears of conflict breakout. The residents of the area, catapulted in fear from war scenarios and bearing in mind the fracas, have fled the district of Raga Celle and found themselves disseminated in all the 33 villages of Warsheykh. Originally, Warsheykh district, as we were informed by the local resident elders, had a population of 50.000 individuals - about...

  • Feb 24 2014

    In response to the urgent needs of Syrians seeking refuge in host communities, INTERSOS Jordan is delivering a Shelter and Protection project across multiple villages in the Northern governorate of  Irbid.

    The Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan is at a critical level. The number of refugees  registered with UNHCR in Jordan in December 2013 stood at to 568.501 of which 56% are children. The number is still rising: the last...